The Arachova

Arachova is a mountainous town with a cosmopolitan aura of the Prefecture of Viotia, built on the southern slopes of Parnassos at an altitude of 950 meters and 170 kilometers from Athens. It is a traditional settlement with beautiful stone houses, picturesque paved alleys, unparalleled natural beauty, traditional cafes and tavernas, a place that vibrates all year round.

You ascend the 265 steps of the "transverse" leading to the church of Ai Giorgis, which stands at the highest point and protects the whole city. In this magnificent church and in the surrounding village, Arahovitans celebrate their feast every year to celebrate their three-day celebration in honor of their saint.

You climb to the little hill of Moustabee where the famous battle of Arahova took place. There, Georgios Karaiskakis demolished the Turkish-Albanians in 1826.

The visitor should visit the Folklore Museum, climb to the Clock Tower, see the panoramic view. Everybody will go from Arachova for unique moments of relaxation, carefree and fun. Arachova is 155 km away from Athens.

Arachova, apart from a winter destination, is also recommended for a summer holiday for those seeking coolness, there are the nearby beaches of Antikirras, Itea and Galaxidi.

Nearby Destinations

The Parnassus National Park is an endless fir forest with countless paths and small streets, a greatness of nature with rocky peaks, waterfalls, springs, caves, gorges that ask you to explore with walking and cycling.

Within the national park of Parnassos there is also the Ski Center between the two highest peaks of Parnassos, Liakoura 2,457m and Gerodovrachos 2,435m altitude in the region of Kellaria and Fterollaka. The Ski Center is the largest and the most modern in Greece, it has 13 main lifts, 4 for beginners and 23 slopes with a total length of 36 km for skiers of all levels ...

It is worth visiting the Korykios Andros (Cave of Stalagmites) after Livadi, the beautiful plateau above Arachova, continuing the route you will meet the enchanting villages of Parnassus, Eptalofos (Agoriani) and Polydrosos in the green of the fir forest.

Ancient Lilaia, Amfiklia, Davlia, Tithorea are also a good opportunity to discover and enjoy the enchanting nature that surrounds them.

The navel of the earth, the archaeological site of Delphi with the famous museum, the real treasures of ancient civilization, is the center of global cultural interest and gathers thousands of visitors every year.

It is 9 km away from Arachova.

The beautiful coastal town of prefecture Fokida with beautiful beaches and lush landscapes. It is 25 km from Arachova.

17 kilometers from Itea we meet Galaxidi, an ideal summer destination, narrow cobbled streets, old mansions, flower gardens and a picturesque traditional settlement.

The martyr village of Distomo is 12 km away from Arachova.

Saint Luke
Agia Sophia of Roumeli. The Byzantine monastery, built in the 10th century AD, with its famous architecture, gold mosaics and rare frescoes, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 18 km away from Arachova.

Aspra Spitia
The beach of Distomo, a settlement with whitewashed houses in the Corinthian Sea, like a Cycladic island.

Just a short distance from the beach of Aspra Spitia, we will meet the picturesque fishing village of Antikyra in a peculiarly beautiful natural landscape and the beautiful beach of Agios Isidoros.

The capital of the prefecture of Viotia is 38 km away from Arachova. Visit the Kryas area, steep cliffs, waterfalls, ancient plane trees, running waters ... A landscape of infinite natural beauty.

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